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  • Your old life can transform into a totally new one in one moment.Newly Widowed, Newly Divorced?
    January 30, 2015
    One day your husband is there; the next day he is gone, often without any warning. The loss and grief of divorce or widowhood are compounded by confusing conversations, heightened demands, worries about your children, requests for unfamiliar decisions and actions, and new responsibilities.  Pressured to learn in difficult circumstances, your mind’s capabilities are diminished by […]

Suddenly On Your Own is a financial consulting and mentoring service that focuses on helping women who are going through divorce or whose spouse has passed away.

Kathy’s clients work with her to redefine their lives. This can happen on several levels: financially, emotionally, physically, and sometimes even logistically. Money is the current that connects and flows through all of these levels.

Kathy has chosen to become more educated and expert in helping women who suddenly find themselves alone, because the transition issues go beyond money. And we want to help as much as possible.