Newly Widowed, Newly Divorced?

Your old life can transform into a totally new one in one moment by divorce or widowhood.One day your husband is there; the next day he is gone, often without any warning.

The loss and grief of divorce or widowhood are compounded by confusing conversations, heightened demands, worries about your children, requests for unfamiliar decisions and actions, and new responsibilities. 

Pressured to learn in difficult circumstances, your mind’s capabilities are diminished by stress.

You are suddenly on your own, coping significant changes in finances and other life matters.

Transitioning Through Divorce or Widowhood

But the most important part of managing change isn’t the money. Women in such a significant transition may gravitate toward the money—the numbers—because those are concrete and easily definable. In most instances, though, the numbers are further down the priority list of considerations than you might think.

What’s more difficult and drives most decision-making is the human side. The physical, psychological, and social realities of change are the real challenge, even when you’re focused on them.

Transition planning is a relatively new service offered by financial planners and advisors. Kathy Roth is trained in such planning. She can help you navigate the tornado of emotions and planning spawned by such a significant change in your life.

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