Managing finances can be an overwhelming task for newly divorced and widowed womenSuddenly On Your Own services for women are organized to support your transition to your new life following divorce or becoming widowed.

Helping you redefine your investments to fit your new needs is something Kathy does well. But she has found her clients in such sudden circumstances need more.

Managing Change and Making Decisions

The decisions you are faced with after your divorce is final or after the funeral for your husband is over can be overwhelming. Kathy helps you develop a clear sense of your life’s direction so you can make those decisions with more confidence and comfort.

She helps you prioritize the issues needing attention. Above all, she helps you regain your footing and redesign your your future.

Personal Financial and Transition Consulting

Divorce and widowhood throw women into a major transition period in which many financial decisions need to be made. Kathy is expert in helping you manage change through providing:

  • Solid investment strategies that are well-monitored.
  • A process to help you cope with and manage your new financial reality.
  • A sounding board as part of your life support system.
  • An impartial ear to test thoughts and ideas that may affect your family dynamics or relationships.
  • Access to her strategic partners to coordinate your investment strategies with needs such as tax and estate planning services.

Working with Kathy will become effective and transformative as you gain self-confidence from the education and encouragement you receive during this vulnerable period.

Consulting can be one-on-one or in a small group setting. It can be done on a contract basis or as part of the asset management services of Waterstone Financial Services.


Sometimes you need to know more to support the wide variety of decisions, many unfamiliar, with which you are coping. We offer group workshops at nominal fees that provide a robust yet safe learning environment.

Examples of workshops we offer are:

  • Year One: Adapting. Loss of a life partner due to divorce or death is often part of the woman’s journey. It is an emotional time of loss and mourning, reorientation and redefinition. You are asked to address new circumstances while thinking is diminished by stress. Year One deserves special attention regarding awareness and self care. In this workshop we explore Year One in the context of how change works. The goal is to bring perspective and patience to the work of the woman who is “suddenly on her own.”
  • Year One: The Tools. The woman suddenly on her own is asked to provide technical information, records and documents, details of life concluded. You need to maintain an ongoing household as well as prepare for life ahead. This workshop explains the processes that need to be addressed and helps you create the organization that helps you bring your former life to conclusion with less stress and more focus on positive outcomes.

Social Events

  • Friday Soiree…Soup ‘n Cinema. End your week on a friendly note. Come to our Rochester NY office for a light and healthy meal followed by a stimulating film. We are low-key and casual, an interesting mix of folks attends, and good conversations abound. Free. Offered in fall and spring.

Contact Kathy for a complimentary initial consultation.